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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Viruses, trojans and sucky programs Oh My!

Derailed in my blogging by technology challenges.  UGH.  I somehow got a Trojan and spread it to my laptop.  Have spent the past several days getting rid of all the damages.  What have I learned?

In my experience and opinion, McAfee sux.  This might be common knowledge to others but it allowed not one, but FOUR Trojans through, despite its regular updates and my maintaining regular updates.

My saving graces?  CCleaner for the registry. AWESOME.  My laptop hasn't run this quickly/smoothly for quite a while.  Vipre Internet Security for firewall, viruses, trojan hunting, and protection from malware and spy ware.  and AVG to do a secondary cleanup and sweep.  I'm keeping CCleaner and Vipre, they seem to be the most reliable from the reviews I have found and my own experience with it this past several days. 

Anyway, it sort of derailed my plans to keep up with my blog resolution (I still have time to write at least 3 times this week though) and my plans to work on updating my website and upload items to Etsy and Ebay.  Luckily, the deadline for my next article for Fired Arts & Crafts magazine was extended several weeks.  At least the damage was repaired before everything was too far gone.  May you have a virus, trojan and sucky program free day.