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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Florida Museum for Women Artists

This past weekend, wanting to get out and explore some of the areas nearby, we traveled to Deland Florida.  It has a cozy, cute, charming downtown with a number of gift shops, antique stores and art galleries.  It also houses the Florida Museum for Women Artists.  We were fortunate to arrive a few days before they ended their current exhibits.  They were all fascinating and several quite playful.

I especially enjoyed Carolina Cleere's work (she is from Tampa).  Her wide eyed innocents with their very elaborate and symbolic surroundings were very intriguing and thought provoking. 

I also very much enjoyed the sculpture work and storytelling from Candace Knapp of Brandon Fl.  I could not decide whether I liked the egg child or "Francois" the best, but I think Francois will probably win out in the end because...he had sweet eyes and reminded me a little of my girl Athena.

Vivian Spencer of Pensacola has a very interesting display of a variety of collaged items which I personally adored because it resonated so much with my own belief that "there is no trash, only art supplies."  You just have to find the correct method of displaying the supplies, which Ms. Spencer did delightfully.

I am joining the membership of the Florida Museum for Women Artists and hope at some time in the not too distant future to perhaps have my own showing there.

If you happen to get to Deland, it not only has this art museum but the  Museum of Florida Art, the African American Museum of the Arts, an art gallery at Stetson University and a Cultural Arts Center.  It's just a thriving little mecca of artiness.  We plan to go back to see the other museums. 

We also highly recommend the Santorini's Greek restaurant on Woodland.  We got there a little earlier than the lunch rush (about 11:30, by noon, it was entirely packed and people waiting outside for seats.)  Fabulous home made Spanikopita, Hummus, and the Gyro platter was to die for!  I wasn't as excited about the lemon potatoes (they must be an acquired flavor thing).