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Friday, January 30, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just Plain Fun

Art does not have to be large, expensive and perfect.  It can be just as inspiring and fulfilling to create small artworks that are just plain fun and enjoyable.  This past few days I spent my creating time making hand painted miniatures.  In joy, enjoy.  #InspiredArtProject2015 #doartdaily

creative hand painted mini (c)SZing 2015

express love hand painted mini (c)SZing 2015

Artist hand painted mini (c)SZing 2015

Embrace Peace hand painted mini (c) SZing 2015

Imagine hand painted mini (c)SZing 2015

Question hand painted mini (c)SZing 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

What You Know...

When you think you have dried up all your resources for creative ideas, for paintings or artworks, for poems, stories or dreams I highly suggest returning to What You Know.  

First step:  Quiet yourself--sit down, breathe deeply and just "Listen Inwardly."  This is also sometimes called meditation.  Don't TRY to think of anything, just be present with yourself. (We get so busy we forget to do this--and yes, I know it kind of sounds stupid since we are always with ourselves--but we really crave our own attention--and I do mean attention.

Second step:  Remember where you came from.  We all have roots, history, a past, experiences...we don't have to judge them as good or bad because let's be honest, it's a mixed bag.  From that past, pull out something that really resonates strongly with you.  Maybe you resonate with the memory of a colorful sunset or sunrise.  Perhaps the resonance is attached to a specific place you visited.  Maybe you recall a story or a person who caught and held your attention for a time.  Whatever it is, start there--with What You Know.  Because what I know is that we are all amazing, powerful creators and we know so much more than we usually cop to knowing.  We are brilliant.  We are geniuses (I don't care what IQ tests, stats, or negative-minded people have told you in the past.)  We have infinite creativity.  We just have to get back to What We Know.

In my case, I drew upon the feeling I used to get when I would drive out to El Malpais or Acoma on the West Mesa of New Mexico.  Especially powerful for me were the striking colors and light when there were storm clouds present or as the day drew nearer to dusk.  If you've ever been to the Land of Enchantment, you know what I mean.  This is What I Know today in my #InspiredArtProject2015 #doartdaily.

West Mesa Nostalgia, (c)SZing 2015
Watercolor on watercolor paper

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Progress Leads To…?

We do not sit still in time and space.  We are always progressing toward something—this is a paraphrase of one of my favorite quotes from the movie “Phenomenon” with John Travolta.  We cannot not make progress.  It may SEEM that we are going nowhere fast, but the fact of the matter, the Truth, is that we are in fact, always progressing. 

I am thrilled that I am progressing toward the completion of the art studio renovation!  Worked almost the entire weekend and came a long way—only a few things left to do before I’ll be able to actually use the space again for myself and for my classes! #artclasses #artjournaling #fusedglassclass  #bohemianartcafe #studiorenovation

Upcoming classes: 

January 31/Feb 1 = Art Journaling Extravaganza

February 4 – April 22 = Creating the Life You Want Mastermind Group

February 28 – March 1 = Glass Synergy Workshop

The Bohemian Art Cafe—feeding your creative self—where we serve art, not food.






All photos © SZing, 2015. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Inspired Art Project 2015 gallery

Have neglected posting this past week from my #InspiredArtProject2015 this past week while I update my Etsy shops BohemianArtCafe, EphemeraBistro, EspressoBarCafe, and FlowerChildTrends, I am catching up today with a week’s worth of art in a gallery style array.
February 13, 2015
Zen Angel, watercolor, ink on watercolor paper © SZing 2015.
2015-01-08 14.41.10
January 14, 2015
Focusing on trying new designs. Not perfect but very relaxing to work on.
2015-01-15 22.03.06
January 15, 2015
Relaxing into the process.  As I do, I get inspired with many different ideas for art projects, writing projects and other ways to express myself creatively.  I’m not actively seeking these hints, but they flow to me as I stay focused on my zen doodles.
© SZing 2015
 2015-01-08 14.41.53
January 16, 2015
“Basket weaving”.  For some reason tonight this particular zen doodle as I’m working on it reminds me of that song Funny Farm from the 1970s and I think of basket weaving. Maybe zen doodling is sort of like that for me.  But I’m perfectly okay with twiddling my thumbs and toes….haa haa, heee hee, hoo, hooo.  I feel inspired just because I’m sticking with this process.  © 2015 SZing.
2015-01-16 19.25.01
January 17, 2015
A daily practice.  A practice that is repetitious.  A practice not unlike dreaming except that each has a goal or objective. © SZing.  Watercolor on watercolor paper, black ink.
2015-01-16 19.25.22
January 18, 2015
A Poem
Within my walls
is a treasure
Nurtured, it grows
Ignored, it grows
Flowering into I Am.
January 19, 2015
Acrylic on paper board.  Just to paint, just to create, just to play despite the end result is inspiring.  Especially more inspiring is not caring what is created.  Letting go of the inner (and outer) critic is freeing.  And fun.  And inspiring. #doartdaily
© SZing 2015
2015-01-13 19.25.03

Monday, January 12, 2015

Inspired by Tapas

One of my very favorite types of restaurants is a tapas restaurant.  What I love about this type of restaurant is being able to savor the flavors of multiple types and tastes of food--little morsels of delight--without becoming "stuffed" or over-full.  Yet my mouth does a happy dance of joy with each new sample.  With practice, I'm allowing my inspiration to be the visual equivalent of a tapas menu.  I'll try a little of this pattern here, test out that pattern there, see what sizzles and what is too dry for me.  #InspiredArtProject2015 #artsampler
"A Sampler" (c)SZing 2015. Ink on bristol paper.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thoughts are Like Seeds

We all receive inspiration and from that inspiration come ideas and thoughts.  All thoughts are seeds.  Some seeds we want to nurture carefully and help germinate.  Often, like a baby in a womb, a seed is cocooned and protected during the germination phase.  Our ideas, our inspirations are like that--we should cocoon and protect them so that they can grow strong and bloom.  It's far too easy for our tender shoots of ideas to be trampled by our selves or others.  Be careful choosing what seeds you plant and then protect those you dearly want to see come to fruition. #InspiredArtProject2015. #inspiration
"Seeds Germinate" (c)SZing 2015.  Watercolor, ink, on watercolor paper.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Try Somthing New...

Trying something new, practicing, and not allowing the inner critic (or the outer one!) take over. This is a two handed drawing I was inspired to make for today's #InspiredArtProject2015.  There is something primitive about it that I really like--it reminds me a bit of Willem de Kooning.  Perhaps I'll try a two handed drawing of a person next time I attempt this method.   For now, I call this a study for painting.
"A Study for Painting" (c)SZing 2015. Ink on bristol paper.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Words as Art

Writing poetry is my go-to stress releaser.  I've done it since at least the third grade (granted, my poems back then weren't all that fabulous).  I'm not normally a rhyme-r or a iambic-pentameter type of gal.  I've written my share of Haiku, but my first love is free-form poetry.  #InspiredArtProject2015 #wordsasart #poetry

"In dreamtime" (c)SZing, 2015.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Momma said...

growing up I can't remember all of the times I heard my mom or dad say Practice makes Perfect.  In art, not every single piece made is world class, museum-worthy or going to sell for a fortune.  Sometimes, the pieces are just practice....practice....and more practice.  #InspiredArtProject2015 #art

The Mind's Eye (c)SZing 2015.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Inspired Art Project Daily Practice

I am inspired by meditation and art.  Therefore, I am doubly inspired by Zentangling--art and meditation combined.  I love this as a daily practice.  Helps me unwind, helps me get clarity, helps me just allow myself to play.  Nope, not a "perfect" zendoodle, but then I am a firm believe in the idea that all art creations have flaws, thus we know that we are human and that they are hand crafted. #InspiredArtProject 2015 #doartdaily

"Meditation"  Ink on bristol paper (c) SZing 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In to the Zen World

I got a wonderful gift from my sweetheart over the holiday, Joy of Zentangle this weekend that is extremely relaxing.  I'm not a "pro" at it yet and don't know if I ever will be.  Frankly, I don't care if I am or not because these little pieces of art, what I call "formal doodles" truly will put you in a zen meditative state.  Day 5 of Inspired Art Project 2015.  I'm inspired to relax into my art.  #InspiredArtProject2015 #doartdaily

Day 4 Inspired Art Project 2015

I am inspired each time I look outside and see that my beautiful rose bush from my sweetie (a birthday present last year) is blooming...and it is January 4!  Roses remind me of my mom.  A sweet remembrance as our yard was filled with these fragrant blooms in every color and size.  Today's Inspired Art Project is dedicated to Mom, an angel in her own right!  #InspiredArtProject2015 #angelart

Angel of Blooms, (c) SZing, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hooked on Angels

I've always been fascinated by angels and have regular conversations with mine (really, I do).  I heard what may be an urban myth but it was on the Internet so it must be true (hah!)...that 8 of every 10 Americans believe in angels.  Of course, there are other studies that show that 55% of Americans believe in angels versus 34% who believe in global warming.  Yet another study (which very well may just be one man's opinion) showed that 6% of Americans believe in Unicorns (how did they get in touch with so many rennies and under-6-year-old subjects?), 18% believe that the sun revolves around the earth and he says 46% of Americans believe in angels.  Well, I'm one of the 8 in 10/ 55%/ 46%...and here's proof that I'm Hooked on Angels. #InspiredArtProject2015 #angelart

Hooked on Angels, Day 3 #InspiredArtProject2015 (c)SZing 2015
Mixed media--watercolor, pastels on watercolor paper

Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 2 Inspired Art Project 2015

Inspired by angels and practicing drawing and allowing myself to just let whatever comes to come...is a Delicate Balancing Act...and so this sweet angel, who looks a teensy bit distressed came into being...Day 2 Inspired Art Project.  #InspiredArtProject2015 #DelicateBalancingActAngel

Delicate Balancing Act Angel, January 2, 2015 (c) 2015 SZing

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Year of Inspiration!

Happy New Year!  2015 is going to be a wonderful year with wonderful experiences!

I am a highly spiritual person.  I love having a daily spiritual practice.

I am a creative, artistic person.  I love having a daily artistic practice.

Because I want to cultivate my daily practices and become more conscious of my efforts as I do so, I am opting to create a Year's Worth of Inspirational Artworks.  Starting today.  

I decided to combine the two and focus on making art that feels uplifting to me.

I am going to try not to limit myself on my mediums, techniques or  what I am doing.  I want to enjoy the process and not worry about whether it is going to "sell".  I want to enjoy creating and be as open as possible to the inspirational energy that comes from immersing myself in the process.

I want to try to detach myself from pre-concieved notions about about is spiritual or uplifting.  I will strive to come to the page, the canvas, the glass…whatever…without any predetermined outcomes in mind.

I will finish each project I start.

Today is a new day.   Here is my art offering for the day...

The Angel of Floral Tornadoes, Mixed Media (watercolor, pastels on watercolor paper)
(c) SZing 2015

"Just give me this: 
A rinsing out, a cleansing free of all my smaller
So I can be the class act God intended,
True to my purpose,
All my energy aligned behind my deepest intention.

And just this:
A quieting down, a clearing away of internal ruckus,
So I can hear the huge stillness in my heart
And feel
How I pulse with all creation,
Part and parcel of Your great singing ocean.

And this, too:
A willingness to notice and forgive the myriad times
I fall short,
Forgetting who I really am,
What I really belong to.

So I can start over,
Fresh and clean
Like sweet sheets billowing in the summer sun,
My heart pierced with gratitude."

~Belleruth Nparstek from Prayers for Healing--Summer--August 15, p. 188.