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Monday, September 26, 2011

Time Flies

When I was younger, I could get hundreds of things completed in a day.  Now if I complete 10 I feel like I've really been productive.  How could it possibly already be the last week of September?  I really, truly always intend to keep up with blogging, FB, Twitter and other social tasks, but most days, I'm really lucky if I get through reading and responding to all of my emails. 

What's on the plan today?  Return some phone calls, post some items to Craigslist (more art supplies that I'm destashing), return some emails, and write several proposals for teaching. 

Yawn.  I'm already exhausted just from that.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I hear on a regular basis, "You are so creative." And, not to be full of myself, but, it is true.  On the flip side of this is the fact that...I am so creative.  I have so many ideas, so many projects that I want to work on, so many things that interest me to try or explore in artwork, that I often have multiple incomplete projects.

Last week, as I was in the process of bringing yet more boxes to the new studio in the consolidation process, I discovered about 25 incomplete fused glass projects.  I also discovered several incomplete stained glass projects.  In my painting portfolio, I estimate I have about 50 incomplete paintings.  I have a series I'm working on related to what we see as beautiful that has 20 incomplete pieces.  And I have a list that is several pages of projects that I want to work on, a glass show where I plan to make completely new pieces, a bunch of completed paintings that are incomplete in the framing process, okay, so ....you get the picture.

It can be very difficult to be creative and to also finish projects.  From previous experience and various training I have received both in art and business, I know that incompletions are a road block.  They stymie creativity, they suck away vital energy.  I have a belief that each incompletion means that a part of my energy, my brain activity and my focus are attached to those incompletions.  Given all the artistic incompletions I have in my life, not to mention the household, the business details, the fix it up projects, the personal projects, the incomplete written stories, etc., I must be operating on about a 10th of my brain power and vital energy.  It seems no wonder, when I stop to use that 10 percent to think about it, that I am worn out, feel overwhelmed, feel....well, incomplete.

Other than the new glass projects for the art show in December, I am hereby vowing that I will NOT create any new artworks until I have either A) finished all the artistic incompletions or B) destroyed, altered or make the incomplete projects into "supplies" for new projects and let go of the idea that they would be complete in their current form or C) thrown out any that truly have no redeeming value other than as having been an outlet for a creative urge at some point.  It will take discipline.  It will take courage to look at each piece and determine whether or not it deserves to "live or die."  It will cause grief, as I tend to be quite sentimental about my artworks, even the "ugly" or the immature.  But, I know, it must be done.  If I am to be able to focus on teaching, proposals and new artworks, public artworks, and making a living doing art, then I must be brutally honest with myself and brutal with these creations.

Today is the day to begin.  Starting with getting the ATC cards mailed out from the show I curated.  That will be one check mark on the "done" column of my incompletions list...which incidentally, as I write this is now two full legal pad sheets long and still growing. YIPES. 

I highly recommend looking at your life and figuring out where your incompletions are, make a list, cull the ones you no longer have any joy or energy in completing and get rid of any paraphernalia related to those projects, and lighten up, enliven up and complete, complete, complete.