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Friday, February 22, 2013

WHAT??? Too much art????

Earlier this year we moved and left a delightfully large studio where I could teach, display my artwork, sell my artwork and work on large projects and art gallery shows.  We now live in a location that does not have any sort of artist colony or group studios and my studio is about a third the size that I used to work out of, as well as now being next to our house and not especially conducive to public browsing.

It's really been a struggle for me to get motivated to get organized and get my studio set up--partly because I have a tremendous amount of artwork.  When you create something almost every single day, and sometimes multiple somethings in a day, it is easy to accumulate "inventory."  There are some great ideas for the challenge of having "too much art."

Some of my artwork is extremely personal and something that I have no desire to sell or for which I am willing to let go.  Other pieces are good pieces but I'm ready to sell them.

Not having a shop or studio from which to sell my artwork, it's been leaning against a wall in the office for months.  We have a large wall that has very little on it.  So the decision was made that the wall be serve as a temporary gallery wall and painting storage.  Eventually I know that I will either sell these pieces on Etsy or other online venues, at a craft show, or find homes for each piece from some art related co-op or shop.

In the meantime, it is fun to have a wall to wall gallery of artwork.  I like to have my work in art galleries and multiple shows occurring at the same time so my artwork is out and being seen.  It is a sad thought for any artist or museum to have so many works that there isn't space to display the art.  I have visited some very nice art museums and galleries over the years...most limit the amount of art on a single wall, but others, like the art at the Corcoran in DC place many paintings on a single wall.

What to do with paintings in the "in between place" between creation and display or sale...this is an age old dilemma of the creative artist.  If you have a solution or an idea, please, by all means...share your comments and suggestions.