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Monday, February 11, 2013

Expect Resistance…but Remember It is Futile!

If you are avoiding your artwork, your studio, your writing, your PC or typewriter because you’ve somehow Fallen off the Habit Wagon of Daily Practice, you can fully expect resistance when trying to climb back up on the treadmill.

Developing good habits, by their very nature and our definition of them, can be quite painful, particularly when you have:
1.  Gotten distracted and therefore stopped all momentum;
2.  Never developed the habit in the first place; or
3.  Started a “bad” habit.

From long experience, I can just give this warning:  To wait for inspiration is the death knoll of the creative process.  Creativity requires a habit of “showing up.”  Your mind, your body, even your social milieu or schedule may push back against your daily showing up.  You must pick up the brush, the camera, the clay…you must sit at the computer and turn it on and start or begin to fill the empty page.  To resist is futile, for our creativity is the siren call that artists and writer’s can only resist at great pain and…eventually, succumb to doing.

Right now.  Get up.  Go do your art, your writing, your creative work. No excuses.