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Monday, February 9, 2015

Use it...

Bottle cap magnet art. (c)SZing, 2015.

We all were born with an imagination.  Many of us had ours squashed early on by teachers, religious personnel, siblings, parents, friends, society at large...For some the imagination fell away rapidly--maybe living in a situation of squalor requiring so much effort to survive left no time for daydreaming.  For some, the imagination was so big that it scared others and they belittled or scolded it into submission.  A fortunate few retained their ability to imagine an use it regularly.

If you haven't imagined in a while, today is the day to bring your imagination out into the light of day.  Allow just five minutes, FIVE MINUTES, to let your mind play "let's pretend."  Pick something in your life you want to change, some area of your art you want to improve, maybe even a book you have locked inside that is ready to be brought out and put on the best seller list.  

Studies show that those who imagine themselves succeeding with their goals are more likely to do so.  Imagine what would happen if you called that magazine and got the writer's guidelines, or you contacted that art gallery about doing a show, or you submitted your application for an art residency.  Imagine how that  looks, feels, smells, what you feel like as that.  Imagine the most impossible seeming thing you can think of happening (choose a good thing since you are the one in control of the imaginings).  Your mind loves to be stretched and stimulated.  Imagine what could happen if....