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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creative TV...Online

Having watched all the reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation that my mind could tolerate, and not being in the mood for the documentary of Queen Elizabeth available on Netflix, I decided that tonight I would explore some of the "TV" shows on My Craft Channel.

(c) Holly Charlesworth, My Sister's Suitcase and My Craft Studio

I watched Episode 10 with Holly Charlesworth on My Craft Studio hosted by Christina McKay as Holly transforms trays into chalk boards and upcycled a lamp into a cool retro vase.  It might be my computer but the sound and video did not sync so that part was a little distracting.  As far as crafts go, I could definitely see making different chalkboard colors for different applications and how that could brighten up a space or even serve for a shop display or for craft shows.

I considered watching the Mancrafters, but none of the available four episodes really was something I have an interest in (vinyl primarily), but the idea of men crafting was appealing so I had to take a peek to preview.

"Road Kill Rescues," episode 11 of Get a Little Creative caught my eye since I have a penchant for upcycling furniture and finding new ways to make old stuff useful, beautiful or interesting and keep items out of the landfill.  Becky Farrant shows how to take a simple drawer and make a shelving unit that can hold "vignettes"--she chose to put craft supplies in the display.  This was such a simple project that truly, anyone who can hold a spray paint can would be able to do it.  I thought the drawer was almost "too" simple with such a tiny amount of decoration but that probably has more to do with my own personal style of lavish embellishments.  It was cute and now I wish I had not gotten rid of several drawers I used to have just sitting around in the studio. Of course, I have so much of my own artwork already, it would be difficult to find a location for something like this...but I do have my father's rock collection which is currently boxed and on a closet shelf for lack of a sturdy display home...so perhaps, this would be an answer to that display.  Now to find a suitable drawer....

(c) Beckie Farrant and infarrantlycreative.net

Finally tonight I watched Spot On Design with Nicki Larson, on "Mark Your Territory."  Although Nicki Larson is a good speaker, she is not nearly as animated as Beckie Farrant and I have to admit, a tiny bit boring to listen to as she talked about her items.  Still, just in those five minutes I did pick up a good tool (Easy Tack spray from Krylon) and a couple of good tips for stenciling on fabric.

uccessful pre-bedtime creative TV time.  I'll randomly check out other episodes and shows.  Would love to hear what episodes you like.