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Monday, June 27, 2011

Productivity Every Day

It doesn't matter that I didn't do anything "artful" today (does creating marketing materials count?  It requires design elements and layout skills!)  I had a productive day.  I wrote two articles and the start of a third that are due by July 1st.  One is for ATCs Quarterly Fall Edition.  The second is for "Heart of Ohio" Magazine's Fall Edition.  And the third is for "Fired Arts & Crafts" September issue. (Speaking of which, I will be writing one article a month for the remainder of 2011 for Fired Arts & Crafts--and more to come in 2012.)

I posted advertising about the Children's Art Camp July 11 - 15, 2011.  I created new fliers to put out for Friday's Open Studio night.  I posted advertising AND made new fliers for the Tuesday Night Art Socials.

I set up new displays with the new slumped wine bottle that are enamel and airbrush painted (they look cool--I'll post pictures later).  And I updated my website some.

So the point here is that not EVERYTHING is going to be a priceless work of art (although I saw on Howard Finster's official website that they are even selling the RAGS that he used when he painted--they are beautiful and interesting and they framed them). Sometimes, it is just about being productive every day, whether it is a little task or a lot of them.  In building a career as a full time artist, it requires energy every day, focus every day and showing up...I showed up today.