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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting Ideas

Friday night was our Open Studios night at the Pendleton Art Center (1105 Central Avenue, Middletown OH, I'm in studio #117).  I'm known by my friends for having what they refer to as "Art A.D.D." because there are many mediums and techniques that I love to employ including fused and stained glass, collage with paper and collage and assemblage with found objects, glass enameling on metal, jewelry designs using my digital and painted artwork, painting with watercolor, tempera paint and acrylics....well, the list is a long one.  It sort of reminds me how it was when I worked in Corporate World.  I never was happy if I got stuck doing redundant tasks day in and day out.  I'm a smart cookie and I require a lot of intellectual stimulation....

That said, several sweet visitors were ooohing and ahhhhing over items in my display cases and on my shelves and walls.  We chatted about the classes I'm offering and the Tuesday Night Art Socials and then one of them said, "Where do you get all of your ideas."

This was a hard question to answer and I'm still not sure I gave her a sufficient answer and I'm not quite sure it is one that I really can explain.

Sometimes my ideas pop into my head while I'm driving.  Sometimes I am inspired by a flower or garden tableau.  Sometimes I'll read an article and see something that I think "oh, yeah. That's awesome.  I wonder if that technique would work with...."  Sometimes I don't get any sleep at all at night because I'm busy "doing art" in my dreams and when I wake up in the morning I know what my next project is going to be.  I guess technically, being a spiritual person (though not especially religious), I'd have to say that I am guided and inspired by The Divine Spark, All that Is, God, The Creator (I'm just "the Creator" no capital T)....sometimes I remember some project I did as a child in school or with my Camp Fire Girls group or at camp or....well, you see how it goes?  It's a challenge to figure out the epicenter of creativity.  All I know for sure is that EVERYONE has creative ideas.  Not everyone chooses to act upon them.