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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Art Show Angst

The art show is mostly set up minus a small repair and a few corrected labels.  Overall, I think it is an interesting, fun, whimsical show.  Got a terrific write up in the Oxford Press which is a delight.  Spent the day in the gallery which was about 90 degrees (the A/C is still being installed and supposed to be mostly up and running by Friday)--oh I hope I hope or else it will be very short visits with a very sweaty, stinky artist.  Chrissy helped greatly in getting everything hung up and it looks pretty cool.  I spent a lot of time moving podiums around and trying to decide on the best arrangements.  I especially love the stainless steel ruler windchime that is out by the sign in book to catch peoples attention from the other end of the hallway.  I just hope the windchime stays together.  It actually sounds pretty cool....

Now that the show is going to open in two days, and mostly everything for it is done except for an email blast out tomorrow and some other social media stuff, I feel a ton of angst.  One, I'm nervous about how the show will be received--and whether or not the quality of my workmanship is good enough although I double and triple checked most things to be sure that items would be in good shape.  Two, I'm nervous about whether or not anything will sell.  I priced most everything very reasonably even though a part of me wanted to jack the prices up because it is an "art show" and you can't have "cheap" items at an art gallery--but I restrained my urge to do any price gouging and kept things within reasonable ranges in the hopes that many items will find new homes.  I don't want to just be an exhibitionist.  I want to be a fed artist.  I want to succeed.

And the other set of angst issues come from the "what's next" on the list to work on/towards.  I have a number of teaching and show proposals to put together, want to look for some public art venues, and need to see if I can find some sponsorship for the Oxford Murals and educational program.  And of course, I have to advertise for my art camp and classes, Tuesday Night socials, and other various social networking and internet related tasks--like updating my gallery on my website.

And then there are the projects that I want to work on.  Am hoping that when I check the mail, there will be a package with the kiln cement so I can fix the enameling kiln.  I'm ready to get rolling with some enameling.  I also have about a dozen slumped items I am going to do some airbrush painting on with enamels and I would really, really love a chance to do some painting. 

How sad that the Business of Art gets in the way of the Art.