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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whew xs 2

Whew.  Whew.  Had to say it twice.  It's only noon but I've put in a full day already contacting 8 workshop retreats about possibly teaching later this year or in 2012.  This is one of the things I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about being part of the Pendleton Art Center--I learned about two of them and got inspired by another artist and decided to research and see what I could make happen--I already have samples for several of the types of classes I would want to teach so we'll see what transpires through the rest of the week.  Sadly, I missed out on a couple of them but I'd really love to teach for the fall and into 2012--not to mention get to travel a little bit.

Catching up on email.  45(!!REALLY!!???!!) emails fromt the Art Shop Co-op about publicity for Alumni Weekend.  Sending updates on my solo show that opens June 10th at the Oxford Community Art Center, (http://www.oxarts.org/) 10 S. College St., Oxford Ohio entitled "Recycled + Repurposed = Reincarnated" (an environmental statement) and also arranging set up plans for the show, getting a photographer and press coverage, as well as choosing the environmental group I want to donate 10% of sales to (The Oxford Society  www.theoxfordsociety.org) and letting them know my intentions.

Watered the wilting plants and the dog--yep, she loves to play "chase" with the water.  Think we'll video tape her and send it to America's Funniest Videos--could use $10G!

Not to mention that my dreams were all about teaching art, making art and my art show.  Only actually slept about 5 hours and I'm feeling a little woozy.  Going to eat some homemade soup and get to the studio--today is finishing/cleaning, photos and packing day for the art show items.  Whew.  Whew.  Whew.